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27th June 2014
Active Sensors introduces NEW long-life twin-output contactless linear position sensor for FIA World Endurance Championship

Active Sensors introduces NEW long-life twin-output contactless linear position sensor for fly-by-wire throttle control in FIA World Endurance Championship. Utilising proven long-life contactless Magni-Hall® measurement technology, the MHL1442 twin-output linear sensor provides superior operating performance... more

15th March 2014
High Performace LVDT sensors for Formula One Energy Recovery Systems

With the start of the 2014 Formula One season this weekend, Active Sensors, the 'Number One' supplier of high performance control and measurement position sensors have introduced their latest miniature LVDT sensors with a high-output voltage which is required to increase the position accuracy of a high resol... more

23rd January 2014
Magni-Tec showcases NEW contactless position sensor designs at Southern Manufacturing, Farnborough 2014

Active Sensors, the designer and manufacturer of advanced position sensing solutions will be returning to the Southern Manufacturing Exhibition at Farnborough in 2014 The company will be showcasing their ‘pioneering’ range of Magni-Tec© contactless position sensors. Southern Manufacturing is one of ... more

09th December 2013
Active position sensors are the only sensors we can get to withstand the radiation and hardship inside our detectors, state CERN

CERN, is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres of scientific research and houses the most complex scientific instruments ever designed to study physics. The nuclear research instruments used at CERN are particle accelerators and detectors. The accelerators boost high-energy beams of particles a... more

22nd November 2013
25th Performance Racing Show welcomes Magni-Tec's NEW 'long-life' position sensor products designed for motorsport!

Magni-Tec Sensing Technology, a division of Active Sensors will be showcasing their latest sensing innovations at the Performance Racing Show in Indianapolis. Visitors can expect to see a wide selection of chassis and engine position sensors for cars and bikes, including the NEW range of ‘pioneering’ lon... more

30th October 2013
New 'long-life' contactless position sensor range launched at Professional Motorsport World Expo, Cologne, Germany 2013

Magni-Tec Sensing Technology the innovative designer of high performance contactless position sensors are currently showcasing their latest sensing innovations at Professional Motorsport World Expo 2013. Visitors can expect to see a wide selection of chassis and engine position sensors for cars and bikes, including ... more

01st July 2013
FIA specify Active Sensors as official Formula One supplier

At the mid-point of the 2013 Formula One season, Active Sensors, continues to be the 'Number One' supplier of high performance control and measurement position sensors to the F1 teams. The company continues to deliver full technical back-up, which includes track support ensuring the race cars arrive at the c... more

25th March 2013
Active Sensors showcase their latest Magni-Tec contactless sensor designs at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show

Active Sensors, the designer and manufacturer of advanced precision sensing solutions have returned from a highly successful show at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show. Held in Farnborough, this is one of the largest and fastest growing industrial technology events in the UK, with the worlds top compani... more

16th January 2013
Active Sensors launch new Magni-Tec® contactless linear & rotary position sensors website

Active Sensors, the designer and manufacturer of advanced position sensing solutions have launched their new Magni-Tec® contactless position sensors website. This new range of contactless linear and rotary position sensors are compact, lightweight, robust and waterproof! They are used in the harshest meas... more

09th November 2012
Aerospace technology benefits Formula One racing in 2013 with Active Sensors high performance sensing solutions

The ‘cross-over’ of technology found in both the aerospace and Formula One industries is well known. These boundaries are now ever closer following new innovative sensing solutions by Active Sensors, which address the common requirements of high performance position sensors used in these precision electr... more

13th July 2012
Active Sensors Young Apprentice of the Year winner represents the company at the 2012 Farnborough Air-Show

Joe Smith, a first year apprentice with Active Sensors, based in Christchurch, Dorset, was named the company’s Apprentice of the Year for 2012. Joe (left in picture), was recently congratulated on his award at the Farnborough Air-Show by Simon Terry,  Active Sensors Technical Manager. Active Sensors regul... more

02nd July 2012
Active Sensors return to Farnborough in 2012 to showcase their latest position sensor products

Active Sensors, the designer and manufacturer of aerospace position sensing solutions will be returning to Farnborough in 2012 to exhibit their latest  DO-160 qualified LVDT and RVDT sensor designs. These LVDT & RVDT position sensors are available in single, dual and quadruplex designs, and are used in airc... more

09th November 2011
Active Sensors introduce pioneering 'long-life' Hall Effect contactless linear position sensor with 'world-beating' 200mm (8") measurement range!

Active Sensors, the designer and manufacturer of advanced position sensing solutions has launched their latest product innovation, the LH1314 Hall-Effect linear sensor which has a ‘pioneering’ 200mm (8") measurement range. The ‘long-life’ LH1314 sensor is slim-bodied, lightweight a... more

29th October 2011
Active Sensors Motorsport showcases latest 'pioneering' measurement innovations at PMW, Cologne, Germany

Active Sensors Motorsport, the innovative designer of high performance position sensors will be showcasing their latest sensing innovations at Professional Motorsport World Expo 2011. Visitors can expect to see a wide selection of chassis and engine position sensors for cars and bikes, including a ‘pioneering... more

01st September 2011
Active Sensors planning for growth in avionics sensor markets

Following their recent success in avionics sensor markets and the introduction of NEW contactless sensor technology, Active Sensors, the specialist designer and manufacturer of advanced position sensing  solutions has embarked on their biggest recruitment drive in 10 years. "We have had a great deal of suc... more

21st July 2011
New range of high-reliability Hall-Effect contactless linear position sensors with superior measurement range available now from Active Sensors

Active Sensors, the designer and manufacturer of advanced precision sensing products has launched a NEW range of high reliability Hall-Effect linear position sensors with a superior measurement range of up to 60mm (2.4"). Performance features (LH Hall-Effect linear sensor data sheet) Measurement ran... more

13th May 2011
Further approval for Active Sensors products from Formula One race teams

With the start of the 2011 Formula One season imminent, Active Sensors, the 'Number One' supplier of high performance control and measurement position sensors is delivering full technical support to the F1 teams testing prior to the season start. This support includes ensuring the cars arrive for the first r... more

24th March 2011
Active Sensors position transducers proven in Large Hadron Collider

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres of scientific research. The organisation, located on the French/ Swiss border houses the most complex scientific instruments ever designed to study physics and ultimately discover what the universe is... more

26th July 2010
Active Sensors winning new business in aerospace markets

Active Sensors have reported a tremendous response to their appearance at the 2010 Farnborough Airshow. The worlds most prestigious aerospace companies attend Farnborough to showcase their products and also source potential suppliers of system components. Aerospace professionals attended in their tens of thousands a... more

07th May 2010
Active Sensors showcases latest products at Farnborough Airshow 2010

Active Sensors, the international designer and manufacturer of aerospace sensing solutions will be exhibiting their latest LVDT and RVDT position sensor products at the Farnborough Airshow in 2010. These position sensors, which are available in single, dual and quadruplex designs, are used in primary and secondary f... more

01st April 2010
NASA selects Active Sensors for latest Blackhawk stealth project

A team of NASA engineers are looking into methods of increasing the militery stealth of the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter through noise reduction tests being carried out this year (2010) at the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex (NFAC), Moffet Field, California. To reduce noise from the rotor blades, engineers ar... more

31st March 2010
New compact 'low-profile' rotary position sensor for extreme applications

Active Sensors, a designer and manufacturer of precision sensor technology has introduced the NEW compact ‘low-profile’ RH5540 ‘contactless' rotary position sensor.  The RH5540 utilises proven ‘contactless’ Hall-Effect technology to provide OEMs with highly accurate rotar... more

01st December 2009
New 'low-noise', 'long-life' linear sensors for motorsport

Active Sensors Motorsports  have introduced their latest position sensor innovation, the Motorsport Linear Sensor (MLS) ‘super’ low-noise linear potentiometer designed for suspension measurement in motorsport data acquisition systems. The new ‘long-life’ sensor, which is being launche... more

26th October 2009
It's Showtime around the world for Active Sensors!

The largest motorsport trade shows in Europe and the United States for racing products are fast approaching. The Professional Motorsport World Expo in Germany, the PRI show in Florida followed by Autosport in the UK are attended by thousands of racing industry professionals.  Active Sensors Motorsport ... more

20th August 2009
Miniature ‘contactless’ Rotary Hall-Effect sensor measures 360 degrees of angle

Active Sensors have launched the unique RH100 'two part' miniature rotary Hall Effect sensor designed specifically for industrial and automotive control and measurement systems. When rotated close to the module face, the shaft accurately measures up to 360° of angular position without mechanical con... more

03rd August 2009
High temperature LVDT sensors for competition brake calliper and clutch release systems

A major manufacturer of competition brake calliper and clutch release systems approached Active Sensors to design and manufacture a high temperature LVDT sensor in a miniature 6.0mm body diameter for mounting in the brake calliper and clutch release systems used in Formula One and 24 Hour Endurance Racing. &nbs... more

24th June 2009
New 'contactless' linear sensor instead of LVDTs and potentiometers for World Championship powerboat team

Victory Team Dubai was set up to compete in the Class 1 World Powerboat Championship. The team is one of the biggest and most successful in powerboat racing history with multiple championship wins to its name. The race teams headquarters, based in Dubai has facilities for boat design, engine development and composit... more

01st May 2009
CERN CMS project specifies Active Sensors linear position transducers

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (French: Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire), known as CERN is the largest particle physics laboratory in the world and is situated in Geneva, Switzerland. CERN's main function is to provide the particle accelerators and other infrastr... more

09th February 2009
Micro-slim 6.0 mm diameter brake calliper LVDT sensor launched by Active Sensors

The latest high temperature brake calliper LVDT from Active Sensors now has a micro-slim 6.0mm housing diameter and improved measurement accuracy. The LT0600 is the most compact and accurate, high temperature LVDT sensor available to measure brake calliper movement. The sensor is also available with single, duplex o... more

21st January 2009
Miniature LVDT position sensor for clutch measurement in motorsport

A World Rally Championship race team approached Active Sensors to solve a problem they had measuring clutch position on their WRC car. Their current clutch measurement sensor was failing due to the extreme environment of the application, high temperatures and severe levels of vibration. As well as the ability to ope... more

15th January 2009
Accurate brake disc wear monitoring in motorsport applications

A major manufacturer of brake calliper systems approached Active Sensors to design and manufacture accurate, high temperatureLVDT sensors with the most compact body size possible to measure brake disc wear for Formula One racing cars. This was achieved utilising the latest copper wire ‘layered’ winding t... more

12th January 2009
New 'high performance' contactless rotary sensor now available!

These high performance RH rotary position sensors utilise non-contact Hall Effect technology. They operate from either a 5Vdc regulated or 6 to 30Vdc unregulated supply and are available with single or duel outputs and up to 360° of electrical angle. The output signal options are analogue 0.5 – 4.5V, PWM o... more

01st January 2009
New ‘contactless’ linear position sensor from Active Sensors

The XLT (LVIT - Linear Variable Inductive Transducer) is a compact long life linear position sensor housed in a stainless steel body. The sensor is offered with built-in electronics, which dispenses with the need for additional operating circuits or a separate compact signal-conditioning unit that is designed to ope... more

07th December 2008
High temperature LVDT position sensor designed for formula 1 racing cars

Active Sensors design and manufacture high temperature LVDT sensors to quality standards required for high performance industrial, automotive and aerospace control and measurement systems. Our latest sensor designs survive temperatures excursions to 250°C (400°F), making them an excellent addition to our exi... more

07th November 2008
Road camber profiling made easy thanks to Active Sensors

Determining the camber on a road surface has always caused surveyors problems until Active Sensors was approached to help. Working with the machinery designers, Active’s engineers were able to determine their requirements and specify an ultra compact linear sensor from the CLS1310 series. The compact body desi... more

25th October 2008
Performance Racing Industry welcomes Active Sensors to Orlando, Florida

The largest trade show in the world for racing products welcome Active Sensors for the first time! The PRI show, held annually in Orlando, Florida is attended by 45,000 racing industry entrepreneurs from 50 countries, and showcases the latest advances in motorsport technology. Active Sensors will be exhibiting the l... more

15th June 2008
Aero wind tunnel measurement sensors supplied by Active Sensors

Active Sensors have been chosen to supply sensors to an internationally recognised company involved in the design, manufacture and installation of specialist wind tunnel equipment for aerodynamic research. Due to the limited mounting space available for the sensor, the ultra slim and compact CLS0950 linear potentiom... more

17th May 2008
Active Sensors specified for tank testing by MIRA

MIRA,a major vehicle-testing organisation has specified Active Sensors CLS19 linear potentiometers for the measurement of chassis movement on military vehicles. The vehicles are not only subject to tarmac tests, but also to a full off road evaluation around the testing ground at Bovington, Dorset. Due to the severe ... more

19th October 2007
Miniature LVDT sensor specified for applications where mounting space is critical

Active Sensors have developed the smallest and most compact short stroke LVDT for Formula One control & measurement applications. Motorsport design engineers require smaller and lighter sensors to operate in higher temperature environments (200°c+). Active Sensors LT0800 range of LVDT’s (8mm body diame... more

22nd July 2007
High temperature speed sensors now available from Active Sensors

Active Sensors has launched a range of high temperature speed sensors. Their latest model, the DSS710X is manufactured from aluminium alloy making it lightweight and compact in design. The internal components are fully encapsulated and the sensor is also fitted with Raychem fire and chemical resistant FDR25-type55-2... more

15th July 2007
GET data loggers specify Active Sensors linear potentiometers!

GET is an easy to use, electronic data acquisition system with a difference. Marketed by Italian company Athena Evolution s.r.l. (, their loggers, dashboards and video-recorders are all equipped with the latest GPS technologies so the exact position of the vehicle can be pinpointed wherever it is on t... more

01st June 2007
Active Sensors linear transducers provide under ground 'pipe' monitoring solutions

Active Sensors was recently approached by an environmental engineering consultancy looking to source a robust sprung loaded displacement sensor to accurately measure the deflection of a pipe carrying electrical cables under the surface of a busy commuter road. The pipe, which is installed just beneath the road surfa... more