Active Sensors design and manufacture a wide range of rotary and linear position sensors for motion control and measurement systems. We specialise in contactless and potentiometer technology to produce sensor specifications to the highest quality and performance standards. The success we have achieved stems from an innovative and creative approach to precision engineering. This focused approach has made us the number one choice for control engineers worldwide.

LVDT position sensors

AC LVDT sensors for industrial, automotive and aerospace control and measurement systems. Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure superior sensor stablity, accuracy and repeatability in the most hostile of environments up to 200°C (400°F). Measurement ranges from 1mm to 200mm (8").

DC/DC LVDT sensors

XLT (DC/DC LVDT - Linear Variable Displacement Transducer) sensors operate from a 5Vdc or 6 to 30Vdc supply with an output of 0.5 to 4.5V over a measurement range up to 200mm (8"). Precision wound inductive coils enable an improved temperature performance, low thermal drift, typically <+0.005%FS/°C compared to similar inductive sensors.

DC/DC RVDT sensors

The XRT (DC RVIT) is housed in a stainless steel body and has measurement angles from 10° to 120°. The manufacturing techniques employed enables the necessary environmental protection required to provide a stable electrical output under vibration, acceleration, mechanical and thermal shock.

RVDT position sensors

The RVDT is a contactless angular position sensor manufactured to quality standards required for high performance, high cyclic control and measurement systems. Available with measurement angles up to +/- 80° in single and duplex designs and is primarily used in aerospace applications.

In-cylinder position sensors

The XCT in-cylinder sensor provides reliable position feedback for cylinder rods in hydaulic and pneumatic actuators. It is a robust, contactless sensor with integral electronics. The sensor has measurement ranges up to 300mm (12") and operates from a 5Vdc or 6 to 30Vdc supply.

Electronic signal conditioning for sensors

For applications that do not permit the use of contactless sensors with integral electronics, which are usually mounting space restrictions or a high temperature environment, we offer the SCU3100 signal-conditioning unit. The unit is designed to operate remotely from the LVDT or RVDT sensor.

Linear potentiometers

CLS linear potentiometers are designed for the most demanding control and measurement systems. Available with a choice of mounting options and measurement ranges up to 500mm (20"). A hardwearing electrical track provides long life and excellent resistance to vibration and shock.

Rotary potentiometers

RP rotary potentiometers are designed for the most demanding control and measurement systems. Used extensively in motorsport for throttle and gearbox control, steering angle measurement and the monitoring systems of the chassis. The RP is available with a choice of electrical angles and mounting options.