MLS Motorsport linear sensor

The Motorsport Linear Sensor (MLS) 'super' low-noise linear potentiometer designed for suspension measurement in motorsport data acquisition systems. The new 'long-life' sensor ensures a longer 'noise-free' operating life in severe vibration and high G-force conditions. The MLS sensor, developed in partnership with racecar data engineers utilises the latest potentiometer 'smooth track' technology coupled with 'double-damped' electrical contacts, that creates a shock-pot with exceptional immunity to the electrical noise often seen in standard potentiometer designs. The MLS 'low-noise' sensor is now in stock and available in three 'slim' housing diameters and linear measurement ranges from 0.4" (10mm) to 14" (350mm).

Design capability

If you are an OEM and wish to discuss product options or Active Sensors design capabilities, please contact our specialist sales team:, or call +44 1202 480620 (Europe) or +1 317 713 2973 (North America).

Rapid availability

CLS linear potentiometers are designed to enable our manufacturing to be 'customer responsive'. We build our sensors in state-of-the-art, semi-automated manufacturing cells. We can supply any sensor configuration with rapid delivery, satisfying our customers production programs.

Assured performance

Active Sensors product development processes include exhaustive 'in-house and field testing' to ensure the sensor performance specification stated is backed by 'real-life' experience. This is our assurance to customers that our sensors are designed to perform!