Electronic signal conditioning for sensors

For applications that prohibit sensors with integral electronics,which are usually in high temperature environments or mounting space restrictions, we offer a number of compact signal conditioning units (SCU's) designed to operate remotely from the LVDT or RVDT sensor. The SCU's operate from either a 5Vdc regulated or 8V to 30Vdc unregulated supply and the output options are 0.5V to 4.5V and 4-20mA.

They are extensively used in motorsport data acquisition and control systems as the operating circuit for inductive position sensors. The SCU3111, SCU31 21 and SCU31 24 models are housed in a compact machined aluminium casing and are fitted with fire & chemical resistant DR25/type 55 cabling. They have fully encapsulated electronics for maximum reliability when mounted close to hostile environments and are sealed to IP66 as standard. Both SCU31 01 and SCU3201 are ultra compact SCU's with a thermoplastic case and environmentally rated to IP67. The SCU31 01 comes complete with fire & chemical resistant DR25/type 55 cabling and the SCU3201 is fitted with an integral connector.

Design capability

If you are an OEM and wish to discuss product options or Active Sensors design capabilities, please contact our specialist sales team: sales@activesensors.com, or call +44 1202 480620 (Europe) or +1 317 713 2973 (North America).

Assured performance

Active Sensors product development processes include exhaustive 'in-house and field testing' to ensure the sensor performance specification stated is backed by 'real-life' experience. This is our assurance to customers that our sensors are designed to perform!