About Us

Active Sensors has for 25 years designed and manufactured a wide range of linear and rotary position sensors for precision motion control and measurement systems. With the increasing cost of engineering development programs, technical managers need to identify reliable and cost-effective program partners. Active Sensors is an ISO9001 certified company providing a wide range of mission critical position sensors for aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.

The History

With a combined eighty years experience of precision sensor design and manufacture, brothers Chris and Peter Smith, former engineers in the Penny & Giles aerospace organisation, founded Active Sensors on the philosophy of providing system designers with the most accurate, reliable and cost effective position measurement solutions. The company rapidly developed an international reputation as a supplier of precision sensors and for providing first class customer service.

The Market

Large corporations now dominate the market for precision sensor manufacture. These large corporations have achieved this rapid domination through the acquisition of independent rivals rather than organic growth. In recent years the Curtiss-Wright Corporation (CWC) has acquired and re-branded the LVDT and RVDT businesses of G.L Collins (CA), Novatronics (CA), Pickering Controls (NY) and Penny & Giles (UK). Custom Sensors Technologies (CST) acquired the Kavlico Corporation and Measurement Specialities (meas-spec) is a division of TE Connectivity (TE).

The Future

Active Sensors is an independent branded sensor designer and manufacturer with highly skilled resources and business interests in the United States and Europe. Continuous international growth has created greater choice for systems engineers when specifying LVDT and RVDT position sensor technology.