Aerospace sensors

Most large fixed winged aircraft have primary flight controls consisting of a control column (alternatively known as a yoke), foot pedals and thrust control levers. The command signals from the control column are from position sensors mounted in the column and pedal assemblies, and are usually high specification 'contactless' LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer). Rotating, pushing or pulling the control column actuates the ailerons and elevators (wing surfaces that control pitch and roll). Depressing foot pedals control rudder movement (yaw), and central thrust levers control the power to the engines (speed). Not all aircraft use a yoke, rotary wing aircraft (helicopters) and the majority of military aircraft use a centre or side-stick for primary control.

Active Sensors design and manufacture LVDT sensors for primary and secondary flight control electro-hydraulic actuators, engine control valves, brake-by-wire systems and much more... We meet customers' system development needs by offering a complete sensor design and delivery service for fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

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