Active Sensors are a well-known authority in the engineering of contactless sensors and provide system designers with superior solutions for challenging high vibration and fluid contamination environments. At the forefront of technological advances, we lead with a number of sensor solutions for the demands of the modern marine market, where they are required to operate under water spray and immersion conditions.

Important to the continual improvement of boat performance, sensors are utilised in a variety of measurement applications. Predominately specified in electro-hydraulic control systems, they provide direct feedback for trim, balance and rudder control to improve stability, efficiency and safety.

We design and manufacture linear and rotary position sensors, which are fully sealed and encapsulated up to IP68/IP69K for the most demanding of marine applications, where performance, accuracy and reliability are a necessity. Proven at the highest level in both Class 1 World Powerboat and America Cup campaigns, we can provide sensor solutions with single, dual and quadruple outputs for critical applications.

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