Military and defense

  • Military vehicles
  • Missiles
  • Ships
  • Spacecraft
  • Marine systems
  • Satellites
  • Rockets
  • Drones

Active Sensors product designs provide sensing solutions in high performance military control and measurement applications. Our range of position sensors is broad and customer focused, and with the increasing cost of engineering development programs, technical managers need to identify reliable and cost-effective program partners. We work with the world's largest defense companies to support new defense projects.

We can provide program proven electro-mechanical sensing technologies for weapons systems, combat vehicles projects and spacecraft. Our industry renowned reputation in providing innovative position sensing solutions means we are continually investing in cutting edge research to provide greater sensing technology for demanding military and defense applications.

The demands of modern defense environments require proven technology, and we are leaders in providing solutions to complex control and measurement sensing applications. Active Sensors meets global ISO performance standards and our operations use the highest quality manufacturing methods and industry best practices.

With a quarter of a century of control and measurement sensor design experience, Active Sensors have a successful history in providing greater choice for systems engineers when specifying position-sensing solutions for defense applications.