Linear Position Sensors

General-Purpose Linear Potentiometers

The SLS and VLP series of linear potentiometers have a single element conductive track and utilise proven composite track technology to offer a number of unique features. Ideally suited to high volume OEM manufacturers, where performance and reliability coupled with competitive pricing is of importance. Environmentally sealed to IP65, they are available with a range of case diameters and stroke lengths from 25mm to 350mm (1" to 14").

High Performance Linear Potentiometers

The MLS series of potentiometers have a twin element conductive track, which provide an unparalleled, noise free, long life sensor. They have excellent resistance to vibration and shock and are fitted with high temperature fire and chemical resistant signal cabling. Environmentally sealed to IP66, they are available with a range of case diameters and stroke lengths from 10mm to 350mm (0.4" to 14").

Magnetic-Hall Contactless Linear Position Sensors

The Magnetic-Hall Contactless Linear Position series are exclusively designed and manufactured by Active Sensors, these pioneering long-life sensors accurately measure linear position using Magnetic-Hall technology. The sensing circuits are manufactured using 'advanced high-damping thermoplastic' to resist vibration, cushion impacts and are completely waterproof. Available with stroke lengths from 5mm to 300mm (0.2" to 12").

AC/AC LVDT Position Sensors

The AC/AC LVDT series are high specification contactless linear sensors, which are designed and manufactured to quality standards required for high performance industrial and automotive control and measurement systems. Precision-layered winding techniques provide the necessary environmental protection required to avoid dielectric breakdown and produce electrical output stability under vibration, acceleration, mechanical and thermal shock. Available with a range of case diameters and stroke lengths from 10mm to 200mm (0.4" to 8").

DC/DC LVDT Position Sensors

The DC/DC LVDT series are a linear variable transformer (LVT) contactless position sensor, which are offered with either an integral or separate signal conditioning electronics depending on the temperature or installation environment.The sensor is available in either a slim Ø9.53mm or Ø12.70mm (1/2") case with mounting options of body clamp, flange or rod-end bearings. It operates from either a 5VDC regulated or 6 to 30VDC unregulated supply providing an output signal of 0.5V to 4.5VDC over the measurement range of 10mm to 200mm (0.4" to 8").

Valve Position Sensors

The Valve Position Sensors are designed for actuator and solenoid positional feedback and offer a choice of technologies including linear Magnetic-Hall, AC/AC and DC/DC LVDTs. Compact in design, they are available with a number of customer specific options in measurement ranges up to 100mm.

Design Capability

If you are an OEM and wish to discuss product options or Active Sensors design capabilities, please contact our specialist sales team:

Assured Performance

Active Sensors product development processes include exhaustive 'in-house and field testing' to ensure the sensor performance specification stated is backed by 'real-life' experience. This is our assurance to customers that our sensors are designed to perform.